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The Lungs and Bronchial Passages

  • Possess an ambiguous attitude, either too much or not enough
  • Lack off Self-Confidence and Lack of Authority
  • Domination and Fear of Being Dominated
  • Fear of Confrontation or of Bothering People
  • Withdrawal and Suppressed Feelings
  • Claustrophobia and Its Opposite
  • Fear of Suffocating or Drowning
  • Ridigity, Aggressiveness and Hostitlity
  • Dependency and Helpfulness
  • A need for Affection and Attention

Physical Care

Exercise, exercise, and more exercise. Any exercise that estimulates breathing, as well as stretching, which expands the thorax and spine. Stop smoking. Avoid unclear air - pollution, mold in ventiliation systems, pollen, etc. Have your spine checked. A single blockage point in one of the 24 ribs attached to the spine can impair the mobility of your rib cage and pleura.

Nutritional Care

Avoid putting on weight (puts strain on diaphragm and lungs), and healthy breathing helps eliminate fat. Avoid overburdening your liver (congest mucous membranes). Beware of chocolate and alcohol, which can cause sinus infections or bronchitis in sensative people.

Psychological Care

Learn to negotiate one's fears and anxieties with the help of psychotherapy, relaxation, or yoga.

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